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Bobst SP102-E die cutter with stripping


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Bobst equipment machinery for sale to include folder gluer, die cutter, die cutting, foil stamper, foil stamping, embosser, embossing, blanker, blanking, 102, 104, 106, 102E, SP102E, 102ER, 104E, 104ER, BMA, 102BMA, 126, 126E, 126ER, 130, 142, 142ER. 142E, 1080, Speria, Evoline, Domino, SPanthera, 106PER, ExpertCut, NovaCut, MasterCut, SP76, SP102, 162CER, VisionCut, ExpertFoil, VisionFoil, MasterFold, ExpertFold,  VisonFold and all other model machines.